Monday, 15 December 2014

BlackVue Dashcam Memory Upgrade

Sure, 32GB is heaps of storage space for any dashcam, but if you can go bigger, would you? I certainly would.
The camera I'm using is a Pittasoft BlackVue DR400G-HD II which has official support for up to 32GB of micro SD memory. I asked BlackVue if it'll support a 64GB card and they replied that they had only tested 32GB and if I wanted larger, the higher model camera will do it. Not wanting to buy a new cam, I bought the 64GB micro SD and went about testing.

I first plugged it straight into the camera and turned it on. After booting, the camera said that the SD card was not supported, so I removed it and compared it to a working 32GB card. The larger of the two was formatted in exFAT whereas the smaller was in FAT32.

I tried formatting the 64GB to FAT32, but Windows wouldn't allow it, so I searched online for a solution. I found a company (RidgeCorp Consultants) that created a free utility to format virtually anything using FAT32. I ran it on my 64GB SC card and hey presto!

Inserting the card into the camera, it booted normally and began recording. Awesome.

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