Sunday, 28 December 2014

New Sunroof Seal Arrived!

Yeah, I know. It's not a genuine Mercedes-Benz product, but the supplier didn't have one, this was in stock and was one seventh the price of a genuine. I took a punt. Let's see how good/bad it is.

Checking the Sunroof Seal

Since reassembling the roof after replacing the left arm, I needed to check to see if the seal was still water tight. I took the car outside and poured water over the roof and checking inside for leaks.
Unfortunately, it leaked like a bastard. I know that it's supposed to have the rain guard installed to prevent leak, but I hadn't installed mine yet.

Here's a photo of the sunlight shining brightly through the rear part of the panel.

Knowing I was going to have problem, I took the liberty of ordering a new rubber seal. I hope it arrives soon so I can install it over the holiday break!

Monday, 15 December 2014

BlackVue Dashcam Memory Upgrade

Sure, 32GB is heaps of storage space for any dashcam, but if you can go bigger, would you? I certainly would.
The camera I'm using is a Pittasoft BlackVue DR400G-HD II which has official support for up to 32GB of micro SD memory. I asked BlackVue if it'll support a 64GB card and they replied that they had only tested 32GB and if I wanted larger, the higher model camera will do it. Not wanting to buy a new cam, I bought the 64GB micro SD and went about testing.

I first plugged it straight into the camera and turned it on. After booting, the camera said that the SD card was not supported, so I removed it and compared it to a working 32GB card. The larger of the two was formatted in exFAT whereas the smaller was in FAT32.

I tried formatting the 64GB to FAT32, but Windows wouldn't allow it, so I searched online for a solution. I found a company (RidgeCorp Consultants) that created a free utility to format virtually anything using FAT32. I ran it on my 64GB SC card and hey presto!

Inserting the card into the camera, it booted normally and began recording. Awesome.