Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Drive Back

Let's get started!
When you wake up and see this, who in the world could complain?

There's a boardwalk which takes you along the water front.

We passed the town of Bega on the way down and decided to stop there at the Bega Cheese Factory on the way back.

Stopping over at a little shop in Tilba, they had this cop for sale which is identical in design to the set my grandma has back in Pakistan :)

The Tilba Tilba Sweet Shop indulged out taste buds. Yes, it's Tilba Tilba, not Tilba. Tilba is where I found he cup above.

The other side of the Sweet Shop was a 50s (?) style diner.

We had a hitch hiker, Nicholas, on the way back (friend's kid - good bloke).

We stopped over for fuel in a town called Narooma, which was, at the time, hosting their annual Blues Festival. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics, but it was pretty quiet since it was still day time.

What would a lovely adventure be without some drama? This woman thought it was safe to save a turtle from the middle of the road by risking her own life. Not a smart thing, lady.

All these adventures left us hungry at the end of the trip, so we stopped over at my favourite cheap eat, Kebab Club, for a late feast!

We brought home a souvenir from the Bega Cheese Factory. Bega is pronounced Beega, but my Mrs kept saying Baygah, so I named this little lady Baygah.

George performed flawlessly. Not a hiccup nor a bad mood, but I know there are a few things that maintenance tasks that are needed.

Here's a map of our trip back, which took us a whole 11.5 hours!

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