Friday, 3 October 2014

Sunroof Mechanism Installation

Not looking forward to this job, I began anyway.

After plenty of research, I removed the sunroof panel and guide rails. The hard part was then to come. There was little information on the internet about how to perform this next step, so I improvised with a LOT of trial and even more error. If I was asked to do it again, I'd pay someone to do it instead. I just don't want the headache again.

Once the broken piece was removed, I cleaned absolutely everything with a strong dilution of All Purpose Cleaner, then I applied Sunroof Lubricant to the entire sliding track from the front to as far back as I could.
To assist me in doing this, my good friend Shane had generously gifted a film canister full of grease. I then loaded some into a syringe and used this to dispense it easily.

More lube after installing the mechanism.

When the left side was complete, I did the same on the right side. Might as well, right? Removed, cleaned, lubed, installed and lubed. That side wasn't as difficult because I knew what I was doing by then.
The roof was then installed and adjusted to the correct closing position.

When this was complete, I was pretty tired, frustrated and wasn't taking any more pictures, but I did take a video of the completed assembly.

Later, I'll have to

  1. Figure out how to install the rain tray
  2. Find out if the sunroof seal is water tight.
  3. Look up the maintenance documentation on how to adjust the motor.
Till then, I'll be driving around with a roll of duct tape just in case the seal's not waterproof!

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