Sunday, 4 May 2014

New Switching Idea

Instead of having an ugly after market switch setup on the dash, I was able to acquire an original light switch from a local wrecking 190E (thanks Sunny!).
Since I had removed the new switch from the parts car, I decided to rebuild it to ensure another 25 years of flawless operation.

The problem I had was trying to figure out how the ball bearings were positioned inside the switch.

It took my days of trial and error, but I worked it out. This is how they should be positioned.

A little electrically conductive grease added to the contacts and we're done.

A video of the assembled switch.

Did you know that Mercedes use a single bulb in the back of the instrument cluster to illuminate all the switches in the dash? They do this by the use of fiber optic cables to carry the light from the bulb to the back of each switch.
The long black cable below is the fiber optic in question.

A short video on the switch installed and hooked up to the lights.

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