Saturday, 29 March 2014

Wired for Sound - Part 3

Now, this is going to be a big, long post with lots of pics and interesting tid bits.

This is all the horrible wiring I had to deal with. It was a tangled, sticky mess that was patched 4 times over from the head unit to the speaker.

A horrible, sticky mess.

In order to get to the rear speaker cables, I had to remove the back seats, whick meant removing the headrests first. Not as simple as you'd have assumed. It needs a bit of man handling as I show you in the below video.

A few nuts, bolts and levers later, the rear seats are out.

Peel back the sound insulation and we see the cabling being routed to and around the rear of the car.

This was quite a surprise. When I removed one of the speakers from the rear shelf, I found an advert from Tamiya for a model car. There you go. This was certainly a Hong Kong delivered car.

After everything was laid and replaced, it was time to plug in the unit and fire it up!

Awesome. Now, get it fitted into the console.

I even changed the facia colour to an amber to match the rest of the car. Looks and performs quite well.

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