Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Parts have arrived!

The parts I recently ordered have finally arrived :) As you can imagine, I'm happy as Larry (no, not Sad Larry from Cyanide & Happiness).
Here's the pic

The list of parts from Pelican and their part numbers:

Power Steering Filter 000-466-21-04-HE-INT
Transmission Drain Plug 000000-000884-M22
Fuel Filter 002-477-44-01-M45
Transmission Drain Plug Seal 007603-010112-M131
Oil Drain Plug Seal  007603-014106-M131
Valve Cover Gasket Set 102-010-20-80-MBZ
Air Filter 102-094-00-04-MBZ
Engine Oil Drain Plug  111-997-03-30-M36
Windshield Washer Nozzle 124-860-06-47-7126-M78
Hydraulic Suspension Filter 129-327-00-91-M22
Transmission Pan Gasket 201-271-03-80-MBZ
SEAL RING VLRUB 201-327-00-60-MBZ
Brake Pad Sensor 201-540-03-17-MBZ
Grille Screen 201-888-02-23-M22
Grille Moulding - Horizontal 201-888-05-85-M22
Grille Moulding - Horizontal 201-888-06-85-M22
Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap 202-860-93-69-MBZ
Grille Moulding - Vertical 201-888-03-85-M22
Radiator Drain Plug 000-500-01-85-M6

I bought multiples of some parts, like the oil/tranny drain plugs and the windshield washer nozzle.
Now the hard part, I just need to find time to work in the car :(

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