Saturday, 29 March 2014

Wired for Sound - Part 3

Now, this is going to be a big, long post with lots of pics and interesting tid bits.

This is all the horrible wiring I had to deal with. It was a tangled, sticky mess that was patched 4 times over from the head unit to the speaker.

A horrible, sticky mess.

In order to get to the rear speaker cables, I had to remove the back seats, whick meant removing the headrests first. Not as simple as you'd have assumed. It needs a bit of man handling as I show you in the below video.

A few nuts, bolts and levers later, the rear seats are out.

Peel back the sound insulation and we see the cabling being routed to and around the rear of the car.

This was quite a surprise. When I removed one of the speakers from the rear shelf, I found an advert from Tamiya for a model car. There you go. This was certainly a Hong Kong delivered car.

After everything was laid and replaced, it was time to plug in the unit and fire it up!

Awesome. Now, get it fitted into the console.

I even changed the facia colour to an amber to match the rest of the car. Looks and performs quite well.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wired for Sound - Part 2

Right, let's get to the wring.

To do it right, I thought I'd start fresh with as much wire as I can replace. This included the rear harness which was in a mess. I know this because I pulled the current CD player to inspect what I was up against. It wasn't pretty.

I decided to get a standard molex adapter that I can wire myself. The best thing I found was an 8 way adapter which will be suitable for a 4 speaker setup (2 wires per speaker).

Here's what I bought. I got it from Jaycar Electronics.

Next is to wire this adapter to the head unit's rear harness. One by one and a bit of patience.
Looking good if I do say so myself!

I also bought a 30m roll of new speaker wire to replace all the crap that had been rotting for 2 decades. Also from Jaycar Electronics.

Next is the installation of the head unit and re cable all the speakers.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Wired for Sound - Part 1

After much research, I finally found the head unit to install in George. I had only a few criteria which were:
  1. Subtle/Discreet (including retro face colour)
  2. Rear USB
  3. Bluetooth
The unit I decided on is the Kenwood KDC-U7056DAB. It fit the bill perfectly. I chose this over the standard unit because it has the added feature of receiving Digital Radio. Cool.

Next step is to rewire everything. I hate this part.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Better Breathing

After checking the air filter on George, I found that it was in dire need of changing.

 Part of my big parts purchase, I bought an air filter so the engine could better breathe.

Here are the two filters side by side. The old one was a K&N and it was filthy with dirt, bugs and leaves trapped between the fins.

When installing the replacement, I was having a very hard time fitting the new filter into the air box. It was just too big. Yes, a genuine Mercedes-Benz part was the wrong size.

So, here I was with a dilemma. Use the old filter, use the new filter after chopping it to size or find a replacement.
Lucky for me, I was in the company of a friend who drove a Nissan Pulsar SSS with a SR20 engine. He recognised the K&N filter and said it's the same as what fits in his car. Since his engine parts are more readily available, I decided to go to SuperCheap Auto and get a generic SR20 air filter. The brand in stock was a Ryco A360. Less than $15 was a bargain and it fit like a glove.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Parts have arrived!

The parts I recently ordered have finally arrived :) As you can imagine, I'm happy as Larry (no, not Sad Larry from Cyanide & Happiness).
Here's the pic

The list of parts from Pelican and their part numbers:

Power Steering Filter 000-466-21-04-HE-INT
Transmission Drain Plug 000000-000884-M22
Fuel Filter 002-477-44-01-M45
Transmission Drain Plug Seal 007603-010112-M131
Oil Drain Plug Seal  007603-014106-M131
Valve Cover Gasket Set 102-010-20-80-MBZ
Air Filter 102-094-00-04-MBZ
Engine Oil Drain Plug  111-997-03-30-M36
Windshield Washer Nozzle 124-860-06-47-7126-M78
Hydraulic Suspension Filter 129-327-00-91-M22
Transmission Pan Gasket 201-271-03-80-MBZ
SEAL RING VLRUB 201-327-00-60-MBZ
Brake Pad Sensor 201-540-03-17-MBZ
Grille Screen 201-888-02-23-M22
Grille Moulding - Horizontal 201-888-05-85-M22
Grille Moulding - Horizontal 201-888-06-85-M22
Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap 202-860-93-69-MBZ
Grille Moulding - Vertical 201-888-03-85-M22
Radiator Drain Plug 000-500-01-85-M6

I bought multiples of some parts, like the oil/tranny drain plugs and the windshield washer nozzle.
Now the hard part, I just need to find time to work in the car :(