Sunday, 27 October 2013

Scheduled Maintenance

A quick update only. As stated at the end of my last entry, George has just passed 215,000kms. This means it's time for an oil change.

Yes, I'm aware that I need to remove the instrument cluster and clean it.

I went down to a friend's house and we talked about cars, modifications and maintenance. When chatter was over, we changed the oil and oil filter. I also replaced the oil sup plug and copper seal with a new one from the local dealership. They're only a few bucks and worth changing at each maintenance interval.
I was happy to see that the used oil was still rather clean (considering that it just came out of an engine). I considered running the car for 10,000kms before changing the oil, but the cost benefit makes sense to do it more often.

New filter goes in.

I noticed that this time, he hadn't brunt as much oil as last oil change. I can't tell you exactly why, but I know that the previous owner, Decker, used Castrol Magnatec while he drove it. From the time I bought the car from him in November 2012, to the time I first changed the oil in January 2013, I had topped up the oil by about 1.25 litres. From Jan till now, I added only half a litre. My only change was that I was now using Penrite HPR 10 10W-50.

With summer around the corner, I'd like to complete a radiator drain, flush, cleanse (with citric acid as recommended by Mercedes), flush then refill with new coolant.
Next week, fingers crossed, I'll get some spare parts for the car!

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