Sunday, 6 October 2013

Concours Detailing Day 2 of 5

Sunday began as all Sundays begin. Too quickly. Especially today since today was the end of daylight saving, so we lost an hour of sleep. I should have factored that into last night's bed time.

Today I started with a clay over the entire car. Top to bottom, not to forget the glass too. I don't think this car has ever been clayed judging by the amount of gunk and crud that came off it. Here's what came off half the roof.

This is what came off the hood.

Here's what it looked like when I had finished the whole car compared to a new piece of clay.

When that was all done, I gave it a foam bath to get rid of all the clay residue. To show that there was no wax left on the body, I tested the beading and sheeting of the water on the paintwork. As expected, there was no beading or sheeting to be seen.

I then took the car inside and began taping up all the bits that I didn't want the polish to touch.

Taped up the passenger rear quarter panel to compare 50/50 results of the polishing.

I used a DAS6 Pro with a 6" backing plate, orange Festool pad and Menzerna 500 with 2 passes then Festool white pad with Menzerna 4000 and 2 passes.

Here's a before pic.

This is the result. I know it's not perfect, but that's the best I could do with the tools and knowledge I had. I think I need a more aggressive cutting pad than the orange Festool.

I then taped up the sunroof and polished the roof. I found that the paint was easier to work with, so all I had to do was 1 pass each of the orange+500 and white+4000. I didn't get after pics since I just wanted to go get off my feet. I'll take a photo tomorrow.
Most of the larger marks here are from the clay bar, which were completely removed with the polishing.

Total time taken today was 10 hours.
Tomorrow, I continue the polishing.

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