Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mechanical Maintenance Weekend

On Saturday I visited a mechanic recommended to me by a happy customer so I can get George's leaky transmission checked out. It was a long drive since his workshop is located near the airport but if he's as good as they say, it'll be worth the trip.
Well, I arrived at Euro Star and was ushered into the workshop where they lifted the car and immediately inspected the underbody. I asked them if they could tell me where the leak was originating and my suspicions were confirmed once the oil pan was pulled off. It appeared that the rubber gasket seal had started to perish and was allowing oil to slowly leak out of the side. I asked if the filter could be changed while they had the pan off and that was also replaced.

Doctor Hussain removing the transmission oil pan from George's auto 'box.

Old filter was removed.

New filter installed.

Happy that the issue was sorted, they checked the rest of the front end and told me what I already knew. I needed new tie rod ends and an idler arm repair kit. It was also pointed out that the drag link had worn bushes and should be replaced.
"Let's do it all" I said and the work began. Lucky for me, they had all the parts available after hunting for them in the back of the parts shop.

Here's the old tie rod end that had seen better days. I asked if he'd change the other side, but it looked like it was replaced not too long ago, so it was left alone.

New tie rod end for a W201 shared a part with the W126.

Old and new parts.

New part installed.

 Next up was the idler arm bushing. This one took some muscle to get out of the bracket, but the Good Doctor found a way.

New bushing kit waiting to be installed.

After some assertive persuasion (big hammer) the old came out making space for the new.

Lastly, the drag link was replaced due to a worn bush in the left side.

That wrapped up the critical items that needed immediate addressing. Next, I need a wheel alignment since we installed a new tie rod end and in the next few months, a couple of front wheel bearings as these ones are both starting to make some noises.

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