Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Quick Investigations

I made a bit of time tonight to check out a couple of nagging issues I had been putting off for a while.
A couple of days ago when working on my brother's E46, I noticed that there was a patch of oil left on the floor where George was parked. I also noted that it was transmission fluid and not engine oil as it was pinkish red in colour. You cant see the colour in the photo, but believe me, it's tranny fluid. At this stage I didn't know if it was leaking from the tranny or the power steering.

I jacked up the car and removed the skid pan to reveal that it has been dripping onto there at the rear right side. Ok, so that rules out the power steering.

Now I had a good look under the car to see what's what and I was right. It's the transmission that got a leak as you can see from the oil covered pan.

Here's a closeup of the rear of the pan.

A couple of pics from the right side of the pan where the leak appears to be most prevalent.

Now that's done, I took a look at where the engine oil was leaking. I already knew it was from the oil cooler that's located at the front of the engine bay, but I wanted to get a couple of pics so I can look up the part on the Mercedes Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC).

It looks like both lines, to and from the oil cooler, are leaking. I'll have to order them and replace when I do the next oil change (which is around the corner).

I also had a poke around while under the car and found that the previous owner had bumped the exhaust down pipe and crushed it about 40%. I don't know what can be done here, but I bet it's not good for optimum performance.
I'll have to get an exhaust shop to look at it.

I also had a look at the motor mounts and noticed that they looked quite different from one another. I don't know if that's normal for them to be different, but here's a couple of pics. The first is the left mount and the second is the right mount.

If the mounts are bad, I might get a pair of polyurethane ones from Ake in Thailand. I want to grab a few things from him anyway so I may just add that to the list!

Once the car was put back together, I took it off the jacks and checked the oils. Both engine and transmission were at ok levels, so my mind is at ease. I'll check these before I take George out each time to make sure everything's in check.
I then had a look around the engine bay making mental notes on what I'd like to clean and detail. I happened to glance over to the fuse box and noticed one that had nearly blown. It was the #17 fuse which is the Headlight Low Beam Right Side. I replaced it easily and checked every other fuse. Another blown one was the #7 which happened to be the Front Left/Rear Right power windows. I had a MAJOR facepalm moment. It couldn't be that simple, could it? All my power window issues come down to a neglected fuse? Well, I replaced it and it tested ok. Happy times! I was about to order 2 new motors!

That's all tonight. More later :)

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