Saturday, 8 June 2013

Power Window Problems

The front passenger and rear driver side windows decided to stop working all of a sudden. I had a little time to diagnose the fault last week but unfortunately, I wasn't able to fix the window. I believe the motor is faulty.

I had removed the door card and tested the voltage when the switch was pressed, but it displayed nothing. I decided to remove the center console surrounding the gear selector. I then swapped the left and right switches and tested the windows but they didn't work. This lead me to believe the motors were faulty. That kind of sucks. Two motors die just a couple of months apart.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're diagnosing this same fault, you must have both front and rear switched connected in order for either to operate. You cannot plug in only the front driver switch and test it. It must be the whole switch panel.

When I have time later, I will remove the motor and apply direct power to properly test it. I'll then replace the motor if necessary.

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