Friday, 5 April 2013

Found the clunking noise

I took a few hours off this afternoon from work and spent the time under the car to see what was happening with that horrible clunking noise from the front end that I described at the end of this post.

After I jacked up the car and removed the floor pan, I discovered that one of the two bolts holding a sway bar bush had become loose and fallen away from the car somewhere on the road. Not a problem, I thought and I went to the hardware store and picked up some new bolts and nuts.

When I returned to the car to reassemble everything, I discovered that the bush that was supposed to be in the bracket had ripped and managed to get away from the bracket that was meant to hold it. It had actually ripped half way through. As you can see from the first pic, the bracket was sitting against the sway bar and applying quite a bit of pressure. I could only move it away with a great amount of effort. I concluded that the bracket must have been misaligned, pressing way too hard on the bush causing it to sheer, dislodge and leaving the bracket loose. Over time, the top bolt must had gotten away and left the bottom one hanging on for dear lift. Lucky for me, the half moon bracket remained and is usable.

I now need a new bush and can't wait for the ones coming from Ake at Hedgehog Tuning & Motorsports. I have to get some OEMs from Mercedes tomorrow.

FYI, the OEM part number for the front sway bushes on a 190E 16v is A1243231985.

This is how I found the bracket when I took off the floor pan.

Here's the abused bush. Poor thing :(

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