Sunday, 31 March 2013

Some Good News, Some Bad

Today was a day of mixed feelings. Let's start with all the good stuff :)
I received some goodies from Chemical Guys this week. Here's a recap. I used the green EcoSmart on George today as I didn't have the time to do a complete wash. At first, I found it hard to use as the buffing stage was proving to be quite labour intensive. I was spraying it on the car, saturating the panel, wiping it over with a MF cloth then buffing it with a second, clean MF cloth. I found that I was doing it quite wrong. After wiping the product (while lifting the dirt from the car), I should be waiting till the EcoSmart left a light white haze on the panel before buffing it off. Once I got that technique figured out, the job became not only easier, but a pleasure.
 I actually forgot to take a few pics after the work was done since I had to pack up and leave, but here's some before pics. You'll have to take my word for it that after the EcoSmart is buffed off, it left a beautiful glossy shine on the paint work. It looked like a liquid finish.

My idiot brother thought this was appropriate. I asked him not to do that since even the smallest dust scratches the paint.

Driver's rear bumper

Rear of the driver's side rear wheel arch.

This is a before pic. I wanted to take an  after shot from the same position, but I forgot :(

Here's a quick video on the application usage of EcoSmart.

Once I had finished with the painted panels, I applied the EcoSmart to the windows and wheels. They came up very nicely!

When the wash was all done, we headed out towards Manly Beach but since we were still a little early, we stopped over at the auto store to get some new wipers for George.

I bought the refill only, bot the whole wiper assembly.

Parked at Manly beach, looking like a Boss.

Boss-ing from another angle.

 After we had fish and chips on the beach, we watched an awesome sunset.

So what's the bad news then? Well, on the way home, I noticed a thump or clunk coming from the front end of George. It was particularly noticeable when steering abruptly from side to side, like when negotiating a roundabout. I believe I may know the source of the problem. When I was looking into the front swaybar, I had to loosen a couple of brackets in order to reseat the bar. I feel that I didn't tighten the bracket enough. Fingers crossed, that the only problem, but I won't know till next week when I get a chance to get under the car and check it out.

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