Monday, 4 March 2013

Maintaining a 25 year old car

I have been asked a few times about he products I use to wash, clean and maintain George. Here's a quick run down of my process and products:

  1. This step is done rarely since it'll strip any protective coating already present - Attack the tyres with Chemical Guys Orange Degreaser, diluted to a mild concentration. Let it soak then scrub with a brush. Hose off.
  2. Use Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Gel on the wheels and allow it to soak, breaking down all loose brake dust and dirt. Then scrub with a brush. Rinse clean.
  3. Hose off any loose dirt etc from the whole car, making sure to do the wheel arches and under the bodykit (I don't have a pressure washer - Karcher, sponsor me!!! Shameless begging!)
  4. 2 bucket wash method with super soft microfiber (MF) mitt and Chemical Guys Maxi Suds.
    1. Since I don't have a foam gun (ahem, Karcher), I'll roughly go over the whole car, covering it in suds and letting it soak for about 5 minutes.
    2. Gently rub down the car with the MF mitt, regularly rinsing it in bucket no2 to remove any dirt built up.
    3. Hose off the car thoroughly
  5. Inspect all panels for dirt/debris and do a spot clean.
  6. Dry off with a MF waffle weave towel
  7. Move the car inside the garage.
  8. This step is done occasionally since it's been done before - Apply Prima Banana Gloss with a foam applicator pad to all painted panels and alloy to haze dry.
  9. Buff off with a new super soft MF towel.
  10. Admire the glossy depth in the finish :)
  11. Clean the windows with Chemical Guys Streak Free Window Clean.
  12. Now, for the tyres, I will spray on Chemical Guys Extreme Shine directly to the tyre and work it in with a contoured applicator pad. Don't use too much as a little goes a LONG way. Also if you use too much, you'll get a lot of sling, messing up your newly washed car.
  13. Spray CG Extreme Shine on a new foam applicator pad and apply to all exterior plastic to bring out the original look on bumpers and wing mirrors etc.
  14. This step has only been done once. Tape off all bare metal surfaces and rub down with Chemical Guys Metal Shine. Buff off.
  15. I haven't tackled the interior leather/plastic, but that's for another day.
So that's it. Pretty simple. Below is a pic of products that I mentioned above.

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