Sunday, 17 February 2013

PU Bushes Delayed

I have had some issues with trying to fit the new front PU bushes onto the front sway bar. I'm working with Ake to resolve the issue. I'll have a full write up with pics on the process.
Next weekend I'm busy with a server migration, but the weekend after that, the 2nd, I'll have some time to install the rear.

So after putting the car back together, it was time for a wash for the first time since we came back from Canberra. It was caked with bugs, tar, dirt and road grime. Here are some shots to drool over!

After washing and drying the car, I applied another coat of Banana Gloss to add to the current shine. It works beautifully! Just let it dry and buff it off.

And here's the result. The hood looks brilliant!

Passenger side has the same story to tell.

Paint work comes up great, pity about the mugshot reflection.
Don't worry about the fuzzy picture. That's caused by the metallic paint, not my ugly face.

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