Saturday, 12 January 2013

George's new shoes

I've been having a nagging issue with the rear of the car. It seems as though the wheel bearings may be on the way out. There's a loud droning sound as I drive faster and I've been told it may be the tyres. So today I'm changing the wheels to the spare set to see if the noise stops.
Of course, before putting them on the car, I have to clean them first :)

A set of 16" 8 hole including spare

Chemical Guys (CG) Diablo Wheel Gel at work

Then some Chemical Guys Degreaser for the tyre wall

Make sure the degreaser is worked into the tyre

Hose everything off, dry and apply tyre shine then fit to the car and here's the final product

Continental SportContact 2 - 225/50 R16

Original 15 hole Evo1 wheels

New 8 hole

I have been told that the 8 hole wheels make the car look more like a sleeper. I tend to agree.

Well, off we went for a drive to drill down the problem with the noise. As soon as we set off, the noise was back. Damn it! Wheel bearing. I'll post a video of the sound a little later since it's quite late already tonight.
I must say that these tyres are a lot quieter than the others. Most likely because they're a higher profile. The tyres on the Evo1s are 45 whereas these are 50. It's a relief on suburban roads.

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