Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Capital Journey

The journey to Canberra is always a boring one. I mean, it's Canberra. How exciting could it get? So, one the way back, we decided to take the scenic route. Below is the map the back roads we took, then a few photos and finally video :)

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Point B is Goldburn. We stopped since George was a bit thirsty and we wanted to take a closer look at the Big Marino.


We bought a little token to remember our trip. A little sheep! It's so soft and fluffy!!

And he's also named George :)

Point C was Taralga. We stopped between these massively tall trees and had to just take a photo.

After an awesome time at the wheel, we arrived at Pie in the Sky, F.

So, our trip ended after 739km, we head home and I know that before we venture out next time, George is booked in for an oil and filter change.


  1. The road from canberra to Batemans bay on the kings hwy (52) is a pearler. The road from there to sydney on the pac' hwy (1) however, is shit...

    1. That looks like an interesting road between Canberra and Batemans Bay. I'll try it out next time I'm in Canberra. George loves the twisties :)
      The Princes Highway looks boring.