Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fluidic Shift

Had a change of oil today. It presented some challenges that were not all expected. Where shall I start?
Firstly, the car's bodykit sits too low for the car to climb up the ramp. Then, once the car was up on the stands, for the life of me, I couldn't get the oil drain plug out. FML. This car just didn't want to go without a fight.
I finally turned and twisted too much and broke my socket adapter.

Well, that kind put a hold on the day. I then took my brother's socket set out and tried loosening the plug, but didn't have success. It was way too tight. Tried some WD40 without success. Finally a friend helped me out. He had the right tools and with a flick of his wrist, unscrewed the bolt.
Alright, so I was on my way. Now before removing the plug and draining the oil, the filter needed to come out first. That's what the manual says, so that's how I'll do it. The filter was removed and it was in bad shape. This is after only 5000kms. The previous owner said he changed the oil and filter without fail at 5k intervals.

Brand new filter going in. By the way, the 2.5-16 and 2.3-16 use the same filter. This one's a Hengst E135H D14 as detailed here Hengst E135H D14.

With the oil drained and filter changed, the plug was reinstalled and new oil filled. I'm using Penrite HPR 10 10W-50. I took it for a 10 minute drive around the neighbourhood and found no leaks or problems. Nice.

While I had the bonnet open, I decided to check the air filter. Needless to say, I need to order a new one. I have no idea when this was changed.

Next on the shopping list is a new socket adapter to replace the one I broke. More on that next week.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Quick Clips

Here is a video of a few bursts of engine growl.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Capital Journey

The journey to Canberra is always a boring one. I mean, it's Canberra. How exciting could it get? So, one the way back, we decided to take the scenic route. Below is the map the back roads we took, then a few photos and finally video :)

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Point B is Goldburn. We stopped since George was a bit thirsty and we wanted to take a closer look at the Big Marino.


We bought a little token to remember our trip. A little sheep! It's so soft and fluffy!!

And he's also named George :)

Point C was Taralga. We stopped between these massively tall trees and had to just take a photo.

After an awesome time at the wheel, we arrived at Pie in the Sky, F.

So, our trip ended after 739km, we head home and I know that before we venture out next time, George is booked in for an oil and filter change.

A Spooky Drive

A full length drive from Oberon to the Jenolan Caves and out again. It's lengthy (that's what she said) and you might find it a bit boring, but I was asked to put it up.
To keep it somewhat interesting, I've added captions throughout. The only editing of the video I have done is scaled it back from 1080p to 720p since my crap laptop can't handle the workload (or Windows Movie Maker sucks...probably both).
My wife's co-driver and loves taking pictures. ENJOY!!!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wheel bearing before and after

A short video to compare the wheel bearing replacement before and after.

Window Washer Nusances

I hate those damn sidewalk window washers!! Who's with me?

Doctor's Report

The right wheel bearing was replaced today which eliminated the noise in the previous posts.
Now we're ready for a road trip in Mercedes quality silence!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Doctor's Diagnosis

George was driven to Doctor Derek today for a diagnosis. It is as I thought. A bad rear wheel bearing.
The good Doctor will try to replace it between other patients as he is waiting for their parts to arrive.
With fingers crossed, George will be ready for the road trip ahead.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Wheel Bearing Noise :(

Here's the video I promised about the suspected wheel bearing in George's rear end. I think the part can be sourced locally from a different model (W124 or W202 maybe).

George's new shoes

I've been having a nagging issue with the rear of the car. It seems as though the wheel bearings may be on the way out. There's a loud droning sound as I drive faster and I've been told it may be the tyres. So today I'm changing the wheels to the spare set to see if the noise stops.
Of course, before putting them on the car, I have to clean them first :)

A set of 16" 8 hole including spare

Chemical Guys (CG) Diablo Wheel Gel at work

Then some Chemical Guys Degreaser for the tyre wall

Make sure the degreaser is worked into the tyre

Hose everything off, dry and apply tyre shine then fit to the car and here's the final product

Continental SportContact 2 - 225/50 R16

Original 15 hole Evo1 wheels

New 8 hole

I have been told that the 8 hole wheels make the car look more like a sleeper. I tend to agree.

Well, off we went for a drive to drill down the problem with the noise. As soon as we set off, the noise was back. Damn it! Wheel bearing. I'll post a video of the sound a little later since it's quite late already tonight.
I must say that these tyres are a lot quieter than the others. Most likely because they're a higher profile. The tyres on the Evo1s are 45 whereas these are 50. It's a relief on suburban roads.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

A stroll southward

We ventured south to Kiama with a new dash cam wired up

BlackVue DR400G-HD II

Mounted to the windscreen

Stopover in the Royal National Park to just listen to nature

A short video I compiled

Raw footage in 1080p

Night driving